What’s Happening to Your Company?

We’re all dealing with a lot of uncertainties as the coronavirus pandemic continues. As a business owner, you’re probably asking yourself questions like these: Am I a critical business? Do I qualify for bailout money? Should I stay open? What happens to my employees?

Additionally, you’re dealing with issues such as customers canceling, no backlog, suppliers on holiday, scared employees, and perhaps avoiding your bank. No one knows how long this is going to last — but you need help, and you need it fast.

What should you do?

A recent Inc.article recommends six actions to take in light of this crisis:

  • Vigorously control what you can. Vigorously ignore what you can’t control.
  • Guard employee morale.
  • Preserve cash where you can.
  • Be first in line (for loans or bailouts).
  • Get back to basics — starting with monomaniacal customer service.
  • Pivot your product or service to new conditions.

All of these have merit — but the best course of action is to find solutions designed specifically for your business. That’s where we come in.

Introducing the Burke Capital Three-Hour Assessment

Burke Capital can help. We’ve compacted our Three-Day Assessment and made it more affordable because we know you need answers right away. Our seasoned executives will use their expertise to quickly provide you with an emergency business plan.

We start by taking a fresh look at your key vital signs. What is your cash situation and how can we improve it right away? What options are available and how quickly can they be implemented? How much flexibility can your creditors give you?

There are many options available, some surprising. Many of your business partners are facing worse problems than you are. And, as always happens, there are hidden opportunities for those who ask. No one is immune to today’s challenges, so there may be some simple things you can do right now to ease the pressure.

To ensure the continued success of your business so you can put this crisis behind you, we strongly recommend this quick assessment. Burke Capital has experience helping companies of all sizes. To get started, reach out to Jim Burke at (650) 579-5699 or jim@burkecapital.net.

About Burke Capital Corporation

Burlingame-headquartered Burke Capital Corporation is one of the region’s most highly respected catalysts to business prosperity. For over 20 years, it has provided capital, expertise and management to enable significant client performance gains, often in very challenging times. For more information, go to burkecapital.net.