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Corporate Governance for Private Companies*

What is it, why do I need it, and what does it cost? Assume for a moment that you run a successful business. You work hard to develop customers, employees and suppliers. The business is growing, and you make a nice living. Well done! So, what keeps you up at night? When you have a […]

Time Bombs in Your Portfolio? Know the Early Warning Signs

The California economy is on a multi – year roll and bank loan portfolios are the cleanest in 10 years. So why talk about problem loans? We feel that the current trend of higher leverage combined with rising interest rates could cause economic fallout in 2019 and 2020. This is an opportune time to review […]

A Capital Idea

“Maintaining an Interest in the Deal” The Call Your biggest borrower misses its profit targets for two quarters. The bank’s credit administration urges you to exit the credit. You have lunch with the borrower and tactfully slip in the edict right before dessert. You mention a 60-day deadline — but possibly not a drop-dead date. […]

Financial Services Veteran Gregory Belanger Joins Burke Capital Corporation

BURLINGAME, CA Previously President of Comerica’s High Technology and Life Sciences Division Burke Capital Corporation CEO Jim Burke announced today that Greg Belanger has joined Burke Capital as managing director of its technology consulting practice. As president of Comerica Bank’s Technology & Life Sciences Division, Belanger catapulted the group into national spotlight for its innovation […]

Definition of Chaos*: Lack of a Succession Plan

“That small difference made all the difference.” The Backstory The client, a well-run group of manufacturing companies, built a solid financial condition that would be any bank’s poster child of a good customer. The 80-year-old founder controlled his empire with an iron fist, even taking care of the bookkeeping. The bad news was that he […]


Woody Allen may have said “80% of success is just showing up,” but one thing we know for sure is that when we show up at a distressed company, things happen. BCC partner Mike Ong frequently says: “It’s amazing how much we learn just by being physically on location.” This may be partly due to […]

Houston, We Have a Problem…

What do you do when your client has a cash problem but can’t describe it? A banker recently called Burke Capital with just this problem when one of its large borrowers maxed out its line of credit, but needed more money. The size of the credit now required an extra level of loan approval authority and the […]

Michael R. Ong and Peter Dennis Named Principals at Burke Capital

Announcement Burke Capital proudly announces the addition of two first-rate executives to its professional team; financial services veteran Michael R. Ong and manufacturing expert Peter Dennis. They are joining as principals to help meet the needs of the growing number of businesses that can benefit from Burke Capital’s services. “We believe this is an excellent […]

Overcome the Expected

People often ask how the wizards at Burke Capital can fix so many different kinds of companies. Maybe we’re smart or lucky, but we often improve the situation even in the rare case when we already know the business will fail. This begs the question: if we know the outcome upfront, why would we still […]

The Call

A prominent investment banker calls Burke Capital Corporation (BCC) in a panic. His longtime client, an Internet clothing retailer, is about to lose its main supplier because it is out of cash and nearly insolvent. The retailer just made an emergency cash advance to cover payroll. This is a bold move, but if the retailer runs out […]